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Thank you for your interest in our company. We are proud to tell you the story of AUSTRAPHARM GROUP. We are a trading company having offices in Australia, USA, Korea and Vietnam.

In Vietnam, our company was established in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 1995. We were first conceived as a family-owned and operated Importer, Wholesaler and Distributor within Vietnam.

However, the Company has grown by leaps and bounds at the same pace of the Vietnamese economy. We have expanded our operations outside Vietnam. From a handful number of employees, we now employ more than 150 staffs with a professional marketing team of 99 staffs.

Today, we have launched over 150 pharmaceutical products, supplying for over 20 State-Owned or Private Companies and wholesalers.

As you can see in our Organization chart, we have a lot of experts having years of experience in Pharmaceutical as well as Medical field business administration. Some of them used to work for International Organization (such as Asian Development Bank, World Bank and other Multi – National Companies).

We are also the Exclusive Supplier for many foreign manufacturers such as Korea, USA, Australia, Italy, Spain, India, Thailand and Vietnam.

We have developed a distribution network with nation-wide coverage and we have presence in all 51 provinces of Vietnam. We provide direct marketing of over 60 locally-manufactured and imported products.

We have the direct business connection with nearly all Hospitals, retail pharmacies all over the country.

In 2003, We also entered a Joint-venture with MEBIPHAR, a Vietnam State – Owned Pharmaceutical Manufacturer. We also assist withnew Technology Transfer with other factories.


  • Established in 1995
  • Launching over 150 items in Vietnam Market covering over 20 Distributors, which are Private Companies Limited, Joint-stock Companies and Wholesalers.
  • Being the Exclusive Suppliers for many foreign manufacturers from Korea, U.S.A, Australia, Italy, Spain, Thailand, India and Vietnam.
  • Direct marketing of over 60 items locally – made and imported by Austrapharm Vienam with National Channel.

    Orgainsation and Staffing:
    150 Staffs (Adminstration and Support: 51, Marketing and Sales: 99)

    Distribution Network:
    Vietnam-wide coverage with presence in all 51 provinces

    Sole Distributor in Vietnam for:

    Manufacturers in Asia:
    Dong In Dang Pharm Co. Ltd – Korea. (all of products)
    RexGene Biotech Co. Ltd - Korea. (all of products)
    R.X. Manufacturing Ltd. (Thailand) - (all of products)
    R.X. Co., Ltd. (Thailand) – (all of products)

    Other Regions:
    Recordati (Italy) – (one product)
    New Spirit Naturals, Inc. (USA) - (All of products)


    - Mrs. Irene Allison Diem – Chairwoman
    - Mr. Victor P. Diem – Vice Chairman (former expert in financial field of ADB, World Bank)
    - B.Sc. Pharm. Do Vu Tri - General Director.
    - Mrs. Irene Allison Diem - Chairwoman
    - Mr. Victor P. Diem
    - Mrs. Hua Hue Tuyet – Chairwoman
    - Mr. Victor P. Diem – Representative for Austrapharm – Australia

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